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BSA Schneider Anlagentechnik, Germany

  • Equipment for the production of chocolate and filling masses, including refiners, conches, block breakers, melters, mixers, etc.

  • Chocompact – a complete compact solution for small-capacity production of real chocolate, 125-350 kg/hr.

  • Equipment for storing and handling of dry components

Dumoulin, France

  • A complete range of automatic installations for sugar coatings, sugar free coating, chocolate or compound coating, with varnishing

  • Capacity: 250, 500, 1000, 2000 and 3000 kgs/batch

  • Economic Semi-automatic Version 750 KGs/batch

Lekos, Slovakia

  • Traditional chocolate moulding lines, enrobing lines, bar lines, depositors, slitting, spreading and cutting units, buffering systems.

  • Drop Depositing lines

  • Modernization and upgrade of all brands of old chocolate moulding lines

NID Pty.Ltd. Australia

  • Starch moulding equipment (moguls) for jellies.

  • Starch conditioning equipment, oiling and sugar coating equipment.

  • Mini moguls.


  • Complete Sponge Cake lines

  • Complete Deposited Cake & Muffin Lines

  • Cake Batter and Cream Continuous Preparation Systems.

  • Food Technologist Service and Recipes Development

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